Customised solutions in protecting underground utilities

Survey Management Solutions (SMS) specialises in creating customised solutions for our clients’ service-locating and NDD investigation projects.

Our team of Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) accredited service locators not only locate underground services, but also investigate off-plan services and unknowns.

To ensure accurate metadata capture, our surveyors use specialised code libraries that capture information such as the number of conduits, size, and material.

The SMS site supervisor manages the NDD crew to ensure that targeted pothole investigations are conducted instead of simple trenching.

This helps to conserve water, spoil capacity, and reduce unnecessary digging time, providing cost benefits to our clients and increasing productivity by completing more potholes in a shorter time.

Our drafting team is responsible for converting ground and subsurface data, including paint marks and potholes, into 3D linework to visualize complex service networks with accurate metadata.

They create easily readable PDF plans and digital files for their clients.

As part of the service, SMS will customise a Civillo project by incorporating all the aforementioned services.

This will involve housing all project information on a cloud-based GIS database that can be accessed on a desktop or on-the-go using an iPhone or laptop.

With this technology, users can easily visualise existing utilities with design information and up-to-date aerial imagery.



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