Spotty improves safety, saves time and money

Survey Management Solutions is renowned for pioneering and investing in the latest technology.

SMS uses more than just traditional surveying methods, we are leaders of innovative technology, from our 3D Avoidance excavators to implementing a fleet of AR devices.

Our newest investment in innovation is the Tyker Robot Plotter, an autonomous robot that marks lines on road paving quickly and accurately and, most importantly, safely.

‘Spotty’, our robot plotter, has completely changed the way line-marking is performed.

Spotty has proven itself as a valuable tool for road marking jobs and allows for autonomous paint line marking with high accuracy, but also labour and cost savings.

Previously, line marking was done by hand and took up to two hours to complete 1km of line marking, which also put our people in unsafe conditions.

With Spotty hard at work, it reduces the amount of time that a surveyor spends on the road, sometimes next to live traffic, as well as the amount of time a road needs to be closed for line-marking.

Our teams are safe because Spotty can be operated from a safer location off the road, or even from inside a vehicle.



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